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Are you a seaman who is four months or more behind in receiving your wages?  Has the captain, the owner, the shipping agent, or the union representation told you in port after port that you will be paid in the next port but no money comes? Have your allotments not been paid?  Some Flag of Convenience ship owners and some second registry ship owners find it cheaper to operate their vessels if they do not pay the seamen. This is the United States. You cannot be put off your ship for demanding to be paid. Frank Svetlik  Law Offices can help you. Sea workers who have not received pay in excess of four months should call the law offices of Frank Svetlik immediately. The object is to get your money before your ship leaves the US port and before you leave the ship.  These are the types of demands the ITF should be making for you.  If any of this has happened to you, call Frank Svetlik immediately. He can help seamen get the money they are owed. 

A member of the Maritime Law Association of the United States (MLA), Frank Svetlik has an excellent  history of recovering seafarers' unpaid wages.


The Houston Ship Channel is just one of the places Frank Svetlik Law Offices can help you. Frank Svetlik is willing to travel to several ports in the United States to help seamen collect their back wages.  If you are a seaman and will be at a U.S. port at a future date, call The Law Offices of Frank Svetlik and tell them when and where you will be.  If you want help on any US port to recover your unpaid wages, call and speak with Frank Svetlik.


A ship traveling the intercoastal waterways.Seamen in United States ports should not need to worry about getting help recovering their unpaid wages.  Seafarers have certain rights protecting them in this sort of situation. These are the types of demands your union should be making for you.
  • Seafarers will not be black listed. There will be no interference with future employment

  • Seamen will get paid in cash on board the vessel before leaving the U.S. Port where their ship is held for unpaid wages.

  • A seafarer can be repatriated and go home before the ship leaves the U.S. Port. The repatriation expenses will be borne entirely by the vessel and the parties paying the settlement of the claims.

  • No adverse remarks will be made in the seaman's book.

  • Certificates of service will be provided to all who have completed their contracts.

  • No future effort will be made to reclaim or obtain a refund of the money paid to the seamen or their attorneys.

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